Hi there,

Has it happened to you to travel miles to only taste a dish or a dessert or bread? Or that the most vivid memory from your travel was a taste of the dish or the colours of the food market you visited? If so, you may find this diary useful.

I started my culinary journey a long time ago. My father’s being a baker meant that most of my childhood I was waking up to the smell of fresh bread which I then ate greedily with fresh butter and a mug of hot chocolate. And so far no other meal has competed successfully with this one. My grandma was a semi-professional cook who spent entire days growing her veggies in our tiny yet beautiful garden and raising chicken which she then transformed into simple, filling and delicious dishes and soups. As a child however I was more interested in the joys of consuming rather than cooking.

My interest in food was fully awoken with my travels which made me aware how much the food matters in the overall impression of a place, and how long-lasting and intense memories it can produce. I can still recall the taste of tomatoes and cucumbers in Crete which totally changed my idea of what a Greek salad is. I can still taste in my mind the nans and curies in India, bananas in Thailand or Pho in Vietnam.

I will share on this site anything related to food and cooking that inspired me during my travels: eateries, cooking classes, markets, friends’ dinners, books and a bunch of recipes tested by myself and by my friends.

I also hope to share stories from my dear friends traveling around the world and discovering the culinary gems and cultures they come across.

I will give priority to simple recipes and places where the locals eat as these are my favourite and often much harder to find than the famous and chic ones.

Let’s get the journey started!